SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Thursday’s rainy forecast pushed three of the four Opening Day games at the Little League World Series to Friday.

It also prepared a world-famous hill for plenty of summer sledders. Players and fans come from tens to thousands of miles away to watch these Little Leaguers at the bat. Some of them make it a point to hit this hill with anything from UPS or the local pizza shops.

The hill beyond the outfield looks down onto the playing field, but is a legendary must-ride for a number of fans young and old.

“Yesterday, my son Camryn asked me to do it and I didn’t slide, I rolled. I figured it’s worth a shot. You see it on TV and it’s something I always wanted to do so I said ‘what the heck, let’s do it,'” Chris St. Marie said.

Chris and Jaimie St. Marie are Little League coaches up in Swanton, Vermont. They brought their son and another player down to give them the unique experience.

“We posted on Facebook that we were here and we had friends like ”don’t forget to slide down the hill.’ We had to send them pictures like it’s already being done,” Chris said.

“It’s a memory they are always going to remember for a lifetime. The first day of school, it’s probably going to be the share of the day, of the year, probably,” Jaimie said.

The kids had a few technique pointers beyond going headfirst and making sure only one side of the box gets wet.

“When it’s really gooey, it’s really fun to go down. It just rained last night so it’s way more fun to ride down the hill,” Carter White of Swanton Vermont said.

“And, if you get a head start from back farther, it makes you go a lot faster,” Camryn St. Marie said.

Neil Millburger is on a single-day stop, part of a larger Pennsylvania tour he’s taking his family on from Portland, Oregon. He had no problem getting a slide down the hill off his bucket list.

“I’m like, well I have to try this thing on the hill. I went up to those kids and asked if I could borrow one of their boxes. They said sure. I was nervous that I was going to slide over the thing and roll down in a pool of mud throughout the whole thing so I go the technique from those kids and they showed me how to do it. I was able to do it successfully,” Millburger said.

It’s also nice to sit down and watch the games here at Lamade Stadium from on a nice day, but the visitors have spoken, this hill is ready to ride.