(WBRE/WYOU) — Parking violations are not tolerated at Bloomsburg University.

However, police are taking a different approach when it comes to fines. This week, Bloomsburg University Police have a new program that’s a win-win for both students and those in need in the community.

Food for Fines has been established where students can bring in three canned goods and police are dismissing their parking tickets. So far, more than 100 cans have already been brought in by students. The canned goods will be going to the Bloomsburg Food Cupboard, which benefits local residents as well as students who are in need of a meal.

“You have to look back and appreciate the blessings many people do have and then equally see that some people are less advantaged than we are so students participate, the community participates, and we want to give back and pay it forward to the community that supports us,” Bloomsburg University Police Chief Leo Sokoloski said.

Food for Fines continues through this Friday.