Fossils thought to be hundreds of millions of years old found at Lackawanna County landfill

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SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — This story is 300 million years in the making. Fossils have been discovered in boulders in Lackawanna County.

These fossils showcase great detail. So much so, it appears like a painting. It’s estimated the fossils are more than 300 million years old.

“It speaks to such a long time ago. I think its amazing that we can look back that far in history and see a souvenir,” said John Hambrose, regional spokesman for Waste Management.

If you touch it, you can feel its texture. It’s believed the fossils are from ferns and parts from a tree. If you look closely you can see the trunk and one branch still showcasing its fibers from its bark. The plants ended up dying over time in water.

“Over the years, sediment settled on top of those plants and began to press those plants and compacted them, some of those plants, into coal,” said Hambrose.

Hambrose tells Eyewitness News the fossils were discovered at Waste Management’s alliance landfill in Taylor earlier this month. Their own geologist gathered the facts which then led to its placement at the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour.

“We brought them up last week and they’re on display here for the hundreds of thousands of people who are going to come to this coal mining tour and learn about our history, they’re going to learn a little bit more,” said Hambrose.

“I thought it was a great idea just to show some of the kids the history for fossilized rock that was that old,” said Jerry Hubshman, director of Lackawanna County Parks and Recreation.

History that once shaded what we know now as Taylor and Ransom Township.

“We’re going to have some signage with the history of it and how the fossils were formed and things like that,” said Hubshman.

Millions of years old and still making an impact today. Each boulder weighs about two tons.
If you would like to see the fossils for yourself they are open to the public at McDade Park.

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