WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – From the basketball court to the playground, being outside is what a majority of people in Williamsport say they’re used to doing during the summer days.

“Quite a bit of cycling and backpacking, hiking and camping and playing with my daughter at the park,” said Benjamin Sands of Williamsport.

But now, in the midst of a pandemic, things will be a little bit different.

“Normal summers you usually get work outs in right now working out and lifting and stuff but now we got to do everything for our health so it’s like you’re self independent you got to work out by yourself and get some type of motivation to do stuff by yourself,” said Nassir Jones, Williamsport Area High School.

“Usually like last summer we have like our sports our workouts for sports we have like our summer camps and our team camps and summer league for basketball and all that’s canceled so its like we have free time that we usually never have,” said Rymeer Brown, Williamsport Area High School.

Nassir Jones and Rymeer Brown both play on the Williamsport Area High School basketball team. They’re putting in work on the public basketball courts to make sure they’re ready to play ball by next season.

“We’re going to still be out here so we can get better and get ready for next year because our coach told us that everyone is like in the same position so its just about how we’re going to figure out how to work out more,” said Rymeer Brown.

For Josh Aarons, owner of Cardio4dayz Fitness, he says his operation will still be open, but he will be administrating new guidelines.

“We’re going to practice the social distancing, we’re going to make sure the kids understand health and wellness,” said Aarons.

And park goers are accepting the new normal.

“Social interactions are obviously different and she doesn’t get to play with as many of her friends as normal so that’s the big difference,” said Benjamin Sands.

But others remain hopeful, they’ll still get to enjoy the summer heat and their time off from school.

“We out here just playing, trying to get in work we missed out from corona. It’s great, because this where we come to hangout, I talk to my friends, work out, play and just take me off the streets or doing anything wrong,” said James Mcquay, Williamsport Area High School.