WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – It’s a tradition in the community that had people questioning: will this even be able to take place?

“You know with everything going on Morgan we were extremely nervous about not having the fireworks. As you mentioned it is a tradition 24 years strong. The 25th we didn’t want to take the fireworks away from the City of Williamsport unfortunately due to the circumstances we laid out they had to be moved and luckily the fairgrounds stepped up,” said Ted Minier, Operations Manager, Backyard Broadcasting.

The annual Fourth of July fireworks were originally scheduled to be shot from the Market Street bridge. But due to COVID-19 restrictions, Backyard Broadcasting was not able to get a permit to do so.

They then found an alternative to shoot them from the west end of the Maynard Street bridge instead.

“Only to find out there was an active nest of american eagles there and the federal guidelines are 25 hundred feet away from the eagles nest you can fire the fireworks..We were just outside that circle at about 26 hundred feet,” said Minier.

Ultimately, it was suggested they find another location.

“Time was of the essence at this point we had like maybe 10 days to pull it all together,” said Minier.

And that’s when the Lycoming County Fair Association stepped in to help.

“We thought it was a nice patriotic thing to do to have the fireworks on the Fourth of July,” said Rocky Reed, President, Lycoming County Fair Assoc.

This year, the fireworks will be shot from the infield of the Lycoming County fairgrounds, where people can park and watch the 22 minute show. Community members can watch from the parking lot, Water Street to 5th Street or off of Route 405.

“It is good because we do have the space. There’s guidelines for how far it has to be from occupied structures and were able to meet that and it’s a big fireworks display so they need a lot of space to do that,” said Reed.

There will be no entertainment and no vendors, but organizers say they want to make it as conducive as a fun family outing as they possibly can.