OLD FORGE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The streets of Old Forge are quiet now, but three years ago the scene in front of Ghigiarelli’s was much different.

An investigation is still underway for Robert Baron. Eyewitness News spoke with family and friends of the missing restaurant owner.

It’s been three years since Robert Baron has been reported missing. Since then, his restaurant has closed, but there’s still a sign outside of it asking people to bring him home.

Baron owned Ghigiarelli’s, a pizza restaurant in Old Forge. He was last seen on January 25th, 2017 after dropping off his son in town after leaving the restaurant. Eyewitness News spoke with Baron’s family over the phone about the day he disappeared. His wife, Maria, says she went looking for him the next morning.

“I just never thought that anybody would harm my husband,” Maria Baron said.

Investigators found blood and a tooth in the restaurant. His car was found less than a mile away and also had blood inside. Investigators have been looking for Baron ever since.

“It’s worse now to me than the day it happened. It just keeps getting worse as time goes on. As far as I’m concerned all our lives are ruined. I mean, just him not being present, nobody, nobody deserves this,” Maria Baron said.

Baron’s daughter Brittany says she’s very angry and frustrated at the pace of the investigation.

“Nothing was handled right from the start. There could have been so much evidence found there if they handled it correctly,” Brittany Baron said.

The owner of a flower shop next door to Ghigiarelli’s still can’t grasp how Baron disappeared without anybody noticing.

“I would think to myself ‘why didn’t I hear anything?’ If I sat at the computer, perhaps I would have heard something or saw lights on. A yell or anything,” Linda Tomlinson, owner of Tomlinson Floral and Gift Shop, said.

The family says it’s torture to have to live through their loved one’s disappearance and not know what truly happened.

“I do have hope that my dad will be found but I do not have hope that my dad will be found alive,” daughter Nicole Baron said.

The Baron family says the investigation is still underway and they’re still looking for answers. They hope someone will speak up with information soon.

A $10,000 reward is still being offered to anyone with information on Robert Baron’s disappearance.