Family of local man shares COVID-19 recovery story

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SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Lackawanna County man is recovering after contracting the coronavirus and spending nearly a month in the hospital.

One week ago, he was discharged after a long, hard-fought battle. His family shared his story with Eyewitness News. Geisinger doctors are calling this a remarkable recovery. Daniel Bisset’s first two coronavirus tests came back negative, but int the end, it’s all a miracle.

Geisinger nurses and doctors clapped as 48-year-old Daniel Bisset was discharged from Geisinger Medical Center in Danville on Thursday, April 9th. He spent 25 long days there battling coronavirus.

“It was difficult to see. Dan is my only sibling and it’s just my mom and dad and my brother,” Lisa Harvey, Daniel’s sister, said.

At the beginning of March Daniel went to a beer fest in New York City. After returning, he started to feel symptoms of coronavirus. It wasn’t until more than a week later his wife Shannon took him to Geisinger CMC in Scranton. His condition was so bad, he was transported to Danville.

“He was on a ventilator. He was incubated. He was on Ecmo at that point and just fighting, fighting,” Harvey said.

He was in a coma fighting for his life. Doctors only gave him a five percent chance of surviving. Lack of oxygen holding Daniel back. While being hooked up to different machines, their only hope was that of Ecmo, a machine that can take blood from your heart and or in this case, your lungs, run it through the machine to oxygenate the blood.

“It gets rid of carbon dioxide. It essentially does what lungs should do for you. But it’s not a flip of a switch. It’s not an easy procedure to go through. It’s an operation,” Dr. John Sobuto, Geisinger Critical Care physician said.

Dr. Sobuto says Ecmo is a bigger risk and a big reward if it works.

“Ecmo is not a treatment for this disease. It’s basically a form of therapy to help your lungs weather the storm,” Dr. Sobuto said.

That storm eventually passed. He slowly regained his strength all while his sister and wife practiced social distancing. They had access to his hospital room through an iPad and were able to see every stage, even towards the end.

“At one point he actually smiled about something even while being incubated so we knew he was able to hear us. We really believe that that was a vita part in his recovery,” Harvey said.

Now Lisa and Daniel’s mom and dad both had the coronavirus. Their father contracted it first and then their mom. Unfortunately their father passed away when their mother was on her way to Geisinger in Danville to get treated for the coronavirus all while her son was fighting for his life.

Daniel Bisset is now in rehab for a full body recovery. He’ll be released and will be able to go home to his wife on Saturday. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

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