PLAINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (EYEWITNESS NEWS WBRE/WYOU) – The start of the school year is nearly here, and that means families are flocking to local stores to shop.

But parents are expected to spend big bucks on clothing and supplies this year.

According to Deloitte Insights, there’s an 8% increase in what parents will spend and that’s about $661 dollars per child.

12-year-old James Chromey tried on clothes Wednesday at FlynnO’Hara uniform store in Plains Township.

In just a few weeks he’s set to begin seventh grade at Wyoming Area Catholic School.

“Well unfortunately every year, James grows out of his uniforms so we had to re-up on everything: summer uniforms, winter uniforms, mass uniform, gym uniform, you name it, we needed it,” Jessica Chromey said.

“I get to try out new clothes, and then I don’t feel like a person stuffed in a sausage casing because all the other clothes I have are too small,” James Chromey said.

It’s the first time this summer James and his mom Jessica are doing some back-to-school shopping.

Compared to the last two years, they say it’s less stressful.

“Luckily we’re not dealing with everything we dealt with during COVID in terms of delays, so I’ll get everything in time, but in past years I’ve had to come in much earlier,” Chromey said.

But one thing remains the same and that’s rising costs. Chromey says she feels the impact shopping for her four children.

“In terms of any extracurricular activities, we just frequent whatever local stores the kids are interested in, which unfortunately are name brand stores so my pocket feels that as well,” Chromey said.

When it comes to buying school supplies, Chromey says she always hunts for the best deals.

“Whether it’s Amazon, Target, Walmart, we just shop the sales. Because finding folders, books, pencils, pens, erasers for four kids can add up,” Chromey said.

To save money school uniform shopping, experts recommend preparing a specific list and purchasing only what’s wearable now for the current season.