MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We continue to see higher prices at the grocery stores. So, is this leading to a lack of donations to non-profits?

Inflation has soared to its highest rate in four decades, making trips to the grocery store more costly. And now according to a Monroe County non-profit, it’s impacting donations.

“We’ve seen a decrease in donations that when we got during the height of the pandemic, things have definitely slowed down and due to inflation, higher prices and things like that, our clients have found it more difficult to afford personal items,” Meals on Wheels Case Manager Samantha Kinney said.

Nearly a year ago, Meals on Wheels in Stroudsburg started a new program called ‘Client-Needs Pantry.’ The pantry collects donations, including toiletries and household items such as deodorant and cleaning supplies to give to their clients in need.

“We’ve seen during our winter months we’ve had a surge in clients actually. We’ve been seeing about eight new clients per week right now,” Kinney said.

Another organization that helps out the community is St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Tannersville. Church volunteers tell Eyewitness News they receive a lot of donations but they’re seeing a lack of items on the shelves due to the supply chain when purchasing items for its weekly food pantry.

“It looks like we have a really full pantry now, but in another month, if we didn’t have more to replenish these shelves, it would be done,” Church Volunteer Nancy Keough said.

Despite the challenges, Keough says the help is necessary.

“It’s needed in this community. I think we have a lot of people who struggle and it kind of breaks your heart when you see people who are reluctant to ask for help,” Keough said.