Did you move over? Troopers reminding Pennsylvanians of state’s ‘Move Over Law’

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — It’s been two weeks since changes to Pennsylvania’s move over law went into effect, but troopers and roadside assistance workers say the majority of people are not following it.

Officials say people aren’t moving over as they should, and if they can’t, they aren’t even slowing down— which is also part of the new law.

Move over and slow down— those are the two things Pennsylvania drivers must keep in mind while out on the roads.

Pennsylvania’s “Move Over Law” is in full effect, but troopers say many drivers aren’t following it.

“I would say the majority is that they aren’t getting over and then behind that, I would say, the speed. Because we don’t want you to jam on the breaks and stop so you have a crash coming from behind. We just want you to slow down if you can’t get to the other lane because it’s illegal or it’s just impossible for you, said TFC Deanna Peikanski, PSP.

If you can’t move over, the law says you must slow down. If you don’t move over, chances are, you will get pulled over.

A local towing company owner is grateful for the changes to the law.

“It’s about time,” said Paul Falzone, owner of Falzone Towing Service.

Falzone has been in the towing industry for 37 years. He says picking up disabled vehicles on interstates can be more than dangerous, it could be fatal.

“I’ve seen a lot of close calls. Fortunately, we’ve been a lucky company. We’ve had no fatalities with drivers, but motorists need to get over and at the very least slow down. “

The law applies to all hazards, including personal vehicles.

“If possible, we’d like you to have your hazards on if you’re a disabled vehicle… Triangles and flares,” said Peikanski.

As summer approaches, more and more people are out on the road, including out-of-state drivers.

“The state is opening up. We have a holiday coming up too, so there’s going to be a lot of cars on the roadway. And with the weather being nice, there’s going to be a ton of construction,” said Rebecca Rybak, Northeast Highway Safety Program education coordinator.

So as a reminder about the “Move Over Law,” you’ll start to see these digital signs on major roadways and in construction zones asking if you are moving over.

Officials ask that you pay more attention when you come across those flashing lights or hazards to make the roads safer and possibly save a life.

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