BRADFORD COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — If you’re looking for a day trip, set your favorite travel app to an area off Route 6 in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

You can find beautiful vistas, restaurants and wineries along the way. WBRE/WYOU Eyewitness News photojournalist Joseph Butash takes us for a ride on scenic Route 6 for this week’s Destination Pennsylvania.

Route 6 is a transcontinental highway that runs from Massachusetts to California. The portion that runs through 11 Pennsylvania counties, some 400 miles, is known as scenic Route 6.

“What is nice about it, is it is a two-lane road, that goes the entire state up to the northern tier,” Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau executive director Jean Ruhf said.

“Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful fishing, the river (Susquehanna) is great. You get in there, you can fish. Terrific hunting around here,” Jedd Johnson of Peak Strength & Fitness-Wyalusing, said.

“International people, fly into New York City, and one of the first places they want to travel to is Niagara Falls. So rather then go up to New York state and travel the regular highways, they like to do something a little bit more scenic where they can actually see what the United States or Pennsylvania is all about and Route 6 is that road,” Ruhf said.

Like the Marie Antoinette overlook or asylum in Bradford County, where loyalists of French King Louis XVI in 1793, came to escape persecution. The story goes that Queen Marie Antoinette planned to settle here, but was executed by guillotine. The rest is left for historians to ponder.

“It’s gorgeous any time of year. There is a nice spot you can pull off and look at the views,” Peg Huyck of Helping Hands Food Pantry-Wyalusing, said.

“There’s all these really small towns that you just have to go. Just a little ways off of Route 6 to really enjoy them,” Ruhf said.

And unique sights like the Wiles Homestead on Main Street in Laceyville, Wyoming County.

“I love eagles. A lot of tourists come through,” Rob Wiles of Laceyville said.

Main Street Wyalusing in Bradford County looks like a vintage “movie set” where a resurgence in beautifying the downtown is well underway with small shops.

“We’re all friendly, and we help everybody out, and we just love to have visitors,” Diane Bates of Blue Heron Artisan Gift Shop said.

“You can really take home a piece of art that’s made locally. You’re going to be going and visiting mom and pop stores, mom and pop eateries,” Ruhf said.

And whether you are traveling by rail on the Stourbridge line in Honesdale, Wayne County, or traveling by kayak along the Susquehanna in the Endless Mountains, make sure to have your cellphone ready to snap that perfect picture.

“You’re almost always guaranteed to see eagles. We have wineries, we have breweries along the route. A lot of families do this together just because it is just so beautiful and there is so much to do on Route 6,”. Ruhf said.