WBRE/WYOU-TV) A day long firefight at the Weitsman Recycling Plant ran into come concerns.  Debris in the lines caused some problems with the water pressure,  The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick has the details.

 “It could be an issue at any fire and when you have a fire you want large volumes of water to put the fire out,” said Assistant Chief Jim Floryshak, Scranton Fire Department.

 But firefighters battling this inferno at the Weitsman Recycling Business say water pressure was a problem.

  “We did actually stop the operation at one point break things down checked our screens and made sure everything was cleared out and we did find some debris when we did that. We found more debris when we broke down the entire operation down when the fire was put out, ” said  Floryshak.

Firefighters showed us some of the debris they removed from their fire hoses.

  “It’s got to be coming from the water system. It flows through the hydrants when we turned the hydrants on. That’s our source of water. So if it’s coming into the water system it’s something the water company needs to address,” stressed Floryshak.

A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania American Water Company told eyewitness news.

  ”We haven’t been made aware of any issues. We’ll be reaching out to the fire chief to look into the situation.”  

Those water pressure concerns have everything to do with the debris in the water lines, lines that feed fire hydrants like this one. The pressure got so low at one point that firefighters stopped putting water on the fire here at the Weitsman Recycling business.

Scranton fire inspectors say finding the cause of the fire at the Weitsman Recycling center could be a challenge because it involves a lot of scrap metal and junk.