Customers support small businesses as indoor dining resumes in PA

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LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Restaurants across Pennsylvania are able to open their doors Monday for indoor dining as state-mandated restrictions expired.

Eyewitness News checked out local spots for breakfast and lunch including The Avenue and Pierce Street Deli. There was no rush of people but the turnout was steady as restaurants are still limited to 50 percent capacity.

“I wanted to support my local merchants as much as possible. I feel we need that in this environment,” Corey Broody, a customer said.

As soon as the restrictions were lifted at 8 a.m., customers didn’t hesitate to stop by their regular spots as they say it brings a bit of comfort.

“I am thrilled I think eating out is very therapeutic so I’ve missed it,” Marylou Kolojeski, a customer said.

Ken Bon, owner of Pierce Street Deli in Kingston says he was happy to see people dining in again.

“It’s been steady. People like to sit, especially breakfast. No one likes breakfast to take out. It’s different than a sandwich. People want to sit and have breakfast, so start the day off right. It’s nice to see people in chairs,” Bond said.

That feeling was shared at a busy restaurant in Wyoming.

“Actually, this morning when I first woke up it felt like it was the first day opening the restaurant,” David Krappa, owner of The Avenue said.

The joy continued throughout the day at The Avenue after a customer left an unexpected tip. One customer’s bill came to $18.53 and he tipped that exact amount to his server.

“He understood our hardship that we’ve had for the last few weeks and he was hoping that would bring a smile on her face and it actually did it brought tears to a lot of our eyes,” Krappa said.

Restaurants that have not self-certified will have to stay at 25 percent capacity for indoor dining.

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