LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As the nation works to recover from the pandemic, many are finding prices for everything seem to be on the way up as we head to the holidays.

Eyewitness News asked people about the impact it’s having on their budgets.

“Just about everything you can think of is just zipping right up there faster than you can keep track,” Mark Tomsuden said.

Inflation and rising prices are hitting everyone pretty hard this year, from rising shipping costs to groceries.

“My wife complains she’s getting a lot less for a lot more,” Ray Bird said.

“Groceries are expensive. Fruits and vegetables are going up,” Daniel Savage said.

But some pointed out that these prices aren’t easily ignored…

“Grocery bills. Cutting back a little bit. That’s kind of a shame because there are some people who aren’t as fortunate as I am. I’m able to cut back, some can’t even afford what they need,” Lisa Wesneski said.

Some noted the price increase in lumber in the past year and many simply said everything is going up. But one theme rose above the rest: gas.

“Gas mainly. I have a little car. It used to cost me about 20 bucks to fill up. That was about a year ago. Just the other day it cost me $40,” Bird said.

One way many are tightening their financial belt is by reducing travel.

“My wallet is getting emptier and emptier due to the holidays. Because I’m still living the same way I did before COVID, spending just as much on Christmas. But I am cutting back on traveling,” Wesneski said.

When it comes to a solution there was no clear winner. But getting people and the government to work together was a common theme.

“We got to get the government sorted out. Too much divisiveness. Too much standing the ground, they should be there to compromise, they’re not compromising,” Joe Kaminsky said.

Coming together for the good of all just in time for the holidays.

COVID was often mentioned as both a reason for rising costs, and a reason to stay home and save money.