SHICKSHINNY BOROUGH, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Four members of a family died in a fire in Luzerne County Wednesday morning and investigators are searching for answers.

The fire broke out in a home along Furnace Street in Shickshinny. There were eight people in the home and four of them did not make it out.

“Devastating knowing I am standing here watching my house burn and I can’t get my family out,” Michael Shoemaker, Sr. said, holding back tears explaining what he witnessed as his wife, son, nephew and mother-in-law burned to death inside his Shickshinny home.

The entire family was sleeping at the time of the fire.

“I’m not going to say should of, could of, but it’s a hundred percent guaranteed if she wouldn’t woke me up we’d all been gone,” Shoemaker said.

Michael says smoke and flames filled the house. He and his brother-in-law made it out of the home along with his two sons who remain in the hospital. One is in serious condition.

“I reacted the best I could, jumping out the window and told them to follow as a leader,” Shoemaker said.

The fire broke out Wednesday morning. Crews were dispatched to Furnace Street for a structure fire.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. The flames were so hot and it went up. It’s an old house, I mean it’s from 1900s. So it went up so fast,” Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker shared pictures with Eyewitness News to remember his family. Among the pictures was one of him and his wife Georgette Shoemaker back in November. And one of his three sons, Michael Shoemaker, Junior, Riley, and Gavin Konderchek in Wildwood, New Jersey.

“Fire time we went on vacation. It was phenomenal and it’s all gone. All my memories are in there,” Shoemaker said.

At this moment we do not know which child remains in critical condition. Eyewitness News was told he was flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital with life-threatening injuries. As for the cause of the fire, it is still under investigation.

American Red Cross is providing resources and support in response to a single-family fire. The Red Cross will provide for emergent needs including casework and recovery planning as well as ongoing support through physical and mental health services and spiritual care. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this fire. Our team is working to bring the full breadth of our services to support them and this community.”

Sherry Nealon, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

If you’re interested in helping the surviving victims of the fire a GoFundMe has been made on the family’s behalf.