SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — With the snow we’re seeing across the region we have a reminder for you: check your vehicle.

Did you get all the snow off your car, including the roof? If not it could become a legal issue. Ignoring snow on the roof of your vehicle can pose a real danger.

It’s all too common after a snow or ice storm. We see vehicles like this with snow sitting on the roof.

Some people forget. Others like Jonas Raymond make it a point to clear debris from top to bottom.

“It’s always best to clean it as much as possible, usually beforehand. I know usually some people don’t want to clean. So, what I’ll do is turn the car on, turn the heat on,” Jonas Raymond of Scranton said.

That tip helps ease the removal process. When snow or ice is left on the roof it poses a danger to other motorists and pedestrians when it is dislodged.

“I have seen cases where people have almost got into accidents. So it is important,” Raymond said.

Pennsylvania law takes a reactive approach. You will be fined between $250 and $1,000 if debris causes injury to another motorist or pedestrian. Criminal charges could be filed if it causes a death.

Snow left on your vehicle can become an even bigger problem as it can harden.

“Just imagine yourself driving on the interstate and a large piece of ice getting dislodged from a car and striking your vehicle. You want to make sure your car is cleaned off prior to heading out,” PennDOT District 4 community relations coordinator Jessica Ruddy said.

Marywood University student Troy Humphries makes sure to clear his entire car.

“I mean it’s a hazard to other cars around the area, behind you and all that. Even your car. It can obviously slide down in front and right off the back into the car behind you,” Humphries said.

Now, there is a Senate bill that is working its way through the House in Harrisburg which would be a proactive approach, making it illegal for motorist to drive with a hazardous amount of snow or ice on their vehicle.