BERWICK, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Grinch may not have stolen Christmas, but a Grinch did steal a Christmas display in Columbia County.

Someone nabbed a life-size Clark Griswold figure from the Berwick Christmas Boulevard display.

Borough Officials want whoever is responsible to do the right thing and return it before the Boulevard closes down for the season on Friday.

“Berwick has a Grinch in town,” Michael Monico Jr., President of Berwick Christmas Boulevard, said.

A sign reads “Clark Griswold was stolen” as it hangs from bare posts on the Berwick Christmas Boulevard.

The fictional character is missing from the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation display.

“I just don’t understand how somebody could do this to an event like this where people work all year to put this together and this seems to be the hit of the Boulevard for the kids this year,” Mayor of Berwick Tim Burke said.

Borough officials believe Griswold was stolen sometime between Christmas night and early Sunday morning. Tom Moccia designed the set and dressed Griswold in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey.

“When I decided to do this theme I thought, well, instead of just putting a plain jacket on like in the movie, he had a jersey on in a different scene, I thought it would be different to put the jersey on as he’s lighting the lights on the house,” Moccia said.

Michael Monico Jr. is the President of the Berwick Christmas Boulevard. He is offering a $500 reward to get Griswold back before the display is taken down.

“If someone did this as a bad joke, return it no-questions-asked. We can put it back up, we still got a couple nights people are coming out to see it, no-questions-asked. But if you don’t return it, we are gonna go forward with legal action,” Monico Jr. said.

Mayor Tim Burke wants whoever is responsible to do what’s right.

“If you’re heartless that’s wonderful, okay. Enjoy yourself. Bring it back for the kids. I’ll buy you a jersey, I’ll start a collection, we’ll buy you a mannequin too for your jersey if you really want. But bring it back for the kids to enjoy the last couple of nights,” Burke said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Berwick Police Department.