BERLIN TOWNSHIP, WAYNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two children from Wayne County are recognized for their bravery during an emergency situation.

7-year-old Alexcia Yannone and 11-year-old Nickolas O’Rourke of Waymart were awarded special plaques for helping their mother this month while she was having a severe allergic reaction.

The Waymart kids immediately sprung into action, making calls to their grandfather and 911. The Wayne County 911 dispatcher who took the call says they answered all questions with composure.

Nickolas even successfully administered an epi pen to his mother. Actions, the family says, ultimately saved her life.

“We called 911 and we got her all ready to go in the ambulance,” Yannone said.

Nickolas tells Eyewitness News he had the mindset of having to help a soldier on the battlefield when his mother when into anaphylactic shock.

“I was kind of thinking I was in a war kind of, and it was one of my last soldiers and I had to give it morphine,” O’Rourke said.

Their mother says she couldn’t be more proud of her kids, and she rewarded them with a movie and toys.