WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In the last year, many have quit their jobs to find better employment.

PA Careerlink hoped to help connect some of these people Wednesday afternoon. Being unemployed can be daunting, but PA Careerlink wants to make the process easy and simple.

“We are currently living in a job seeker market. There are a lot of employers struggling to find talent. So one of the ways we can help them find that talent is by hosting opportunities in a safe environment where job seekers can meet face to face with local employers to learn more about these opportunities. And to learn next steps where to apply,” PA Careerlink Special Projects Manager Anthony Melf said.

On this day, turnout was low, adding to the difficulty of hiring during the pandemic. Many potential employees are still keeping their distance from people, including children.

“People have all different sorts of restrictions, and we are hiring,” WVCA Director of Development and Marketing Christine Meluskey said.

This made the focus of this job fair an easy choice for Careerlink. It’s early childhood education.

“These employers are looking for lead teachers, assistant teachers, and teacher aides,” Melf said.

Educating the next generation may sound intimidating to some, but having the heart for it can make a world of difference.

“Being able to bring that understanding and compassion and enthusiasm to the job every day to care for these children is just invaluable,” Meluskey said.

Helping to educate children and growing a stronger community.

“We hope that we’re able to get the word out there that we are hiring and many organizations like us, so hopefully people will come back into the workforce and join us to make a difference in our community,” Meluskey said.

Careerlink says you can contact them directly if you missed Wednesday’s career fair.