MONTOURSVILLE, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Protesters made their way up and down Broad Street in Montoursville, demanding change and justice during a Black Lives Matter march Friday evening.

“We’re here because we believe black lives matter and its a real issue in our society you know?” said Cate Lecrone of Montoursville.

“We believe all lives do matter but not all lives can matter until black lives matter. Its a really important issue that all people are treated with dignity and respect that’s like guaranteed under the constitution,” said Alex Lecrone of Montoursville.

Marches spoke out about racial inequality and how it’s an ongoing issue, something that doesn’t sit right with many.

“We have had so many of our own people just die continuously in the streets and I feel like now more and more people are aware because of social media and because of that increase so rapidly in the last couple of months it’s the perfect time to spread education,” said Brittany Stephenson, Bloomsburg University.

Stephenson is a student at Bloomsburg University. She is petitioning for education reform to change the curriculum to include the history of black systematic oppression and include it in classrooms.

“I think it is so amazing until I started attending all these marches in a bunch of different areas I didn’t feel like i had that sense of unity and it really just feels so amazing to be surrounded by people who are here for some of the same reasons.”

On Friday, nearly 100 protesters were out marching and holding their signs high making sure their voices are heard.

“Its really good its awesome that all these people come out,” said Cortney Houscknecht of Montoursville.

“Its great to see everyone come together for a cause that we all believe in whether it affects all of us or not so were all here to say that black lies mattes and we want to be apart of the change and denouncing hate and racism in our town,” said Kalyn Essick, march organizer.