EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — This week, the Monroe County District Attorney’s office deemed the use of deadly force by police, killing Christian Hall, justified.

The attorneys of the family of Hall, the man shot and killed by police on a bridge, are taking issue with the way the Monroe County District Attorney’s office deemed act justified.

“ADA Mancuso represented that the family refused to cooperate in the homicide investigation. This is factually incorrect,” attorney Devon Jacob said.

He says the only contact Hall’s parents had with anyone in law enforcement was at the police barracks when they were told their son was shot and killed. Eyewitness News reached out to the assistant district attorney, but have yet to receive a response.

The investigation revealed an anonymous 911 call was from Hall himself.

“When somebody is contemplating suicide, and they call others, that’s a cry for help. And, unfortunately instead of receiving help, he got bullets,” attorney Ben Crump said.

“The problem is, the orders they were given were conflicting. On the one hand they said to put down the gun. On the other hand, they continually told Christian to walk towards them,” Jacob said.

Officers could be heard in the video saying: “Put that gun down for me and walk up here and we’ll talk like men.”

“This is not what you do with a person who is impaired, a person who is suffering from a mental health emergency and a person who is unable to even hear you clearly,” Jacob said.

The encounter lasted for an hour and a half. In Hall’s final moments, the only command given was to drop the weapon.

“When you see hands go up that’s the universal sign of surrender, so why continue to shoot and kill a person who is putting their hands up to surrender?” Crump asked.

The DA’s office says though his hands were up, he turned the weapon sideways, rotated the barrel forward and then pointed the gun above his head. This was the moment police began firing, killing Hall.

The attorneys say they want an unbiased investigation conducted by the attorney general.