Time for a change? Lawmakers eye permanent daylight savings time

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DALLAS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Is it time to say goodbye to standard time for good? Some Pennsylvania lawmakers have been pushing for a bill to stay on daylight saving time permanently.

Hundreds of clocks are at Ye Olde Clock and Gift Shoppe in the Back Mountain.
Unlike most digital clocks, which change automatically between standard time and daylight saving time, these have to be adjusted by hand as we “spring forward” or “fall back” each year.

Monday, House Bill 335 was passed in the state House to keep daylight saving time permanent across the commonwealth. Eyewitness News met up with Christy and Bernie outside of the shop to get their thoughts.

“I would honestly love it to keep it as one time that you don’t have to constantly change your clocks always because it’s a nuisance,” Bernie said.

“I think it would be a good thing to do. I was a teacher, the schools will adjust to it and the children and it will save a lot of complaints and havoc not having to change the clocks,” Christy said.

Dianne McAnney says otherwise.

“It should stay as is, with standard and daylight saving because it works out just fine right now,” McAnney said.

The owner of Tomasino’s says he prefers daylight saving time all year round.

“It kind of changes the mood, it’s more of a mood thing too. It’s a perspective of life. So, definitely I agree that it needs changed,” Giuseppe Tomasino said.

“I hate you have that whole week where your internal clock is off. You know, so you’re waking up at the wrong time, you’re tired. I mean, it’s nice in the fall when you get an extra hour but in the spring it’s a little rough. So if they want to go through with it, I would support it, definitely,” Tomasino’s waitress Sarah Lacey said.

The bill is now heading to the state Senate for debate. 15 other states are in the works to propose this change that would keep the clocks set to daylight saving time.

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