WBRE 28/WYOU 22 EYEWITNESS NEWS — A spectacular sight in the night sky stopping people in their tracks. The “Strawberry Moon” was visible Wednesday night and Thursday morning to many across the region.

“I did notice the moon last night as we rolled in at about 11:00 p.m. Very beautiful, very nice,” said Johnny Moore of Montoursville.

Privatized space travel has been in the news recently as companies are sending people and supplies into outer space.

“Before they go to Mars they want to go back to the moon again. They’re planning on it,” said Bob Turner of Carbondale.

“I can remember as a kid when we went to the moon and watching it on TV and landing on the moon for the first time. It was exciting. It’s space. It’s another dimension of the world we live in and the atmosphere and what’s around us,” recalled David Board of Monroe, New York.

Some wonder if the resurgence in activity in the aerospace industry could spark a new “space race”.

“I would say we should be the leader, but my concern is China. Their technology is so far advanced, what else can they do?,” asked Moore.

Also in the news recently, questions about UAVs, UFOs and alien life as many waited for the U.S. government report on unidentified objects spotted by the military.

“There’s probably life somewhere else. We can’t, in this whole big universe, we can’t be the only ones. It’s a big universe,” said Board.

Some said if affordable, they would be willing to take the trip to the “great beyond”.

“Oh yeah, of course I would, of course I would,” said Turner.

Others, not so much.

“No. No. I have no desire to go to outer space. I like my feet on the ground, where I’m standing, and it is safe that way,” explained Board.

The “Strawberry Moon” is considered the first full moon after the summer solstice.