‘Signs’ show people aren’t swayed by political displays

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – If there is one way to know when an election is near, its signs popping up in every community.

With the latest reports saying only 3-6% of voters are still undecided, these signs are less of a rally call and more of a personal statement. Residents like Jennifer Argenta of Jessup and Ann Marie Walker of Olyphant doubt they have any sway.

“I really don’t think it has any, it’s not a bearing on how I’m gonna vote I know how I’m gonna vote.” Agrenta said.

“I’m gonna vote for the person that I think should be in that position, so not really. The signs are not influencing me” said Walker.

Whatever statement your lawn or business is making at this point, the freedom to disagree with other signs is what residents like Linda Rizzo from Carbondale say this country is all about.

“Well, I have to commend all the people who put up any side. In this era of, you know, the hyper-political long division”

At this point, neighbors one-upping each other as signs turn to flags, and then those turn to billboards on houses.

“In marketing, that’s sort of the basics. People are clearly going to be strongly brand loyal, but there are a bunch of these people who don’t have strong feelings about the brand, and maybe those who dance around Pepsi one week, Coke the next.”

Professor Lisa Bolton at Penn State says she’s seen one study in her research that indicates ‘more signs, more votes.’

Overall, there’s not too much that’s going to change between now and November 3rd.

“In this election you know there’s a lot of, you know, there’s not a lot of people who are undecided at this point. And it’s up all else equal and so you would hope a relatively high involvement decision for people,” says Bolton

There is a saying – ‘signs can’t vote.’ but if you drive around enough you might be able to see who’s won over your community. Maybe even see a sign and know the owner isn’t your enemy if they’re not for your candidate.

“Anybody who puts a sign up for Biden or James May or Trump. I commend them because we are taking a stand, we are speaking with our signs” said Rizzo.

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