Schuylkill County Hospital utilizes new sanitation equipment

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POTTSVILLE, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Cleanliness and sanitizing continues to be a top priority in homes, schools, retail spaces, and public places. Now, there’s a new technology that one Schuylkill County Hospital is excited about.

“It’s kind of intimidating when you see it, but at the same time you know what we’re providing for the community, is that cleaner, safer space.”

Lehigh Valley Health Network Schuylkill and their Environmental Services Director Terry Wagner are rolling out surficide. Ultraviolet sanitizing tech gives extra peace of mind to everyone from patients to medical staff as well as the housekeepers who utilize it.

“Now as we know infection prevention has become the new point of cleaning, I mean we’ve always done that but it’s come to the forefront as we find new and different infectious diseases and things that you know can spread and the way they spread.”

Three towers have been implemented for the last few months with Covid-19 on the minds of all who enter the hospital, but other germs and viruses lurking.

“Viruses can be very tenacious. So, if we do miss something this supplemental disinfection will take care of it for us.” “it leaves behind, nothing.”

Infectious disease prevention nurses like Leah Donavan, glad to have the new tech.

“The staff, of course, initially with COVID for example we’re overwhelmed with PPV and like they have adjusted accordingly and they’ve done a fantastic job to keep everyone safer and this will just make it an extra extra layer of protection for our patients and staff members as well.”

As flu season is on the horizon, a global pandemic surges and families worry about kids in school or out in public, there are some everyday takeaways for those without the budget for these helpful towers.

“So it’s very important to follow the CDC guidelines with social distancing. Of course masking your nose and your mouth, as well as excellent hand hygiene and wiping down your areas for example when you’re done.”

The staff at LVHS are proud of the work their housekeepers do, but they say the housekeepers are big fans of the surficide machines as well.

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