WILKES-BARRE, WEST PITTSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – In Luzerne County, some minor to moderate flooding was seen along the Susquehanna River as the water moved quickly Saturday.

As the river levels began to crest by early afternoon nearby residents strolled along the levee to see what damage was done by the heavy rainfall on Christmas Eve.

They found Nesbitt Park in Wilkes-barre flooded but some say it’s not as bad as they thought it would be.

“Yeah my wife and I come down here all the time whenever the rivers getting high to watch it, I’ve lived here my whole life it’s always been fascinating to me the river going up and down and cresting,” said Tom Sainclair

“Just to view the river and walk the down a little bit see how high it’s getting. I seen it back in 2011 and it was way bigger than this” Terry said from Kingston

Local business owner Mark McLaughlin and his son Jack also came down to check out the river.

“I know there was a flood when I was like one, I’ve never really seen it this high so, it’s pretty high for me. And we both kayak so we’re gonna check it out to see how high the river actually was a lot high than what we thought, ” McLaughlin said

Officials say the Market Street bridge will remain closed through the weekend.

Up the river some good news for another community that is prone to flooding, West Pittston,
while it’s not over yet. New projections from Eyewitness News show the river levels began to drop slightly Saturday afternoon.

The mayor of West Pittston tells Eyewitness News the borough is relived the Susquehanna river stayed in its banks with no major incidents to the community.

Out of precaution Susquehanna avenue between 2nd and Luzerne avenue was closed Friday night and will remain closed until the borough is certain the river is receding.

Stay on our website for a list of current road closures and river level conditions.

Julie Dunphy, Eyewitness News.