PennDOT prepares for snowy future

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Most of us are used to driving in a little snow, But the possibility of ice on the roads presents a whole different problem.

It’s one officials with PennDOT are watching closely to prevent slipping and sliding tomorrow morning.
“We’re very limited with what

we can do before the storm,” James May, PennDOT spokesman said.
It’s the calm before the storm. 

Since the incoming weather is expected to start off as rain then turn to snow overnight, PennDOT says it can’t pre-treat the roads too far before the flakes come down.

“Anything we put down, if it’s raining, gets washed off the road and so we are just wasting tax payer money at that point,” May said.

PennDOT is prepared for the weather but that delayed reaction time also means ice could create an obstacle for drivers. 

“Ice really does you know slow us up. You know we have to be more careful,” Marcus Winstead, a truck driver said.

Winstead recommends that everyone take their time on the road if there is any potential ice, and be aware of other drivers, especially big rigs.

“A lot of times you know, everybody is in a hurry. People have places to go but just give us room. Give us time. Don’t get in front of us then apply the breaks because we can’t stop as fast,” Winstead said.

The potential ice raises some concerns for Susan Evans of Pittston. But she isn’t worried about the snow because she drives a truck. She say’s it’s just that time of year again.

“It is the first snow you have to be careful. Get used to it again, and watch everyone around you. Just be careful,” Evans said.

PennDOT plans to have some ranger crews come out around midnight to address areas that they get calls on.

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