LUZERNE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A northeastern Pennsylvania business is taking black-and-white, two-dimensional baby sonogram images to a whole new level.

Pregnancy can be one of the hardest and most beautiful times in a woman’s life, yet the time the unborn baby is growing can seem fleeting. That’s why a local business hopes to help parents-to-be capture that time in a highly defined way.

“We know the middle name is definitely going to be James after his (Melissa’s husband’s) father,” said Melissa.

This mother-to-be is still working on a first name for her unborn son, but one thing is definitely clear.

Shannon Shovlin’s business Baby To Be 3D offers future moms enhanced imaging of their unborn babies.

“Oh, his eyes are open. He is full-on peeking at you. Ooh, a frown,” Shovlin laughed.

What Shovlin provides is beyond the typical black-and-white, two-dimensional baby sonograms you are probably used to. It starts with 3D technology.

“3D is those golden tone photos you see and 4D is the term for motion. So, the 5D as we call it which is also high definition is just this peachy realistic tone of the baby,” said Shannon Shovlin, the owner of Baby To Be 3D

If you think Shovlin knows her way around an ultrasound machine, you’re right. She was a diagnostic sonographer for more than six years before she decided to open this elective ultrasound business.

By doing that, she focuses on something she couldn’t do in the medical field.

“This is just for fun. So when you go to your ultrasound, you’re kind of hoping for this experience and you don’t get it because they are really busy checking babies’ health, brain, fingers, toes, kidneys and there is really no time left for the fun part. So this is what you come here for, the fun part,” Shovlin told Eyewitness News.

Shovlin says some families come multiple times during the pregnancy to follow their unborn baby’s growth.

“Pregnancy is an amazing time in your life and I just want you to soak it up. You know how quick it goes. You just— every moment that you can get, let’s just get it,” Shovlin said.

The special moments captured in this session are something I’m certain the mom and dad-to-be will cherish. They are my daughter and son-in-law, the parents of my future grandson.

My future grandson is due in January.

To learn more about Baby to Be 3D, head over to their website.