Local shoe repair shop closing in Scranton

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Sparrows Shoe Repair on Wyoming Ave., in downtown Scranton, is closing after not being able to afford rent due to the pandemic.

Barry Lawrence, the owner, took over the shop five years ago from the family who ran the store as Adam’s Shoe Repair for over 50 years prior.

Lawrence’s father was a shoemaker and shoe repairman and that is where he learned his trait. He says it is his life’s work. He says he is sad to have to close up the business, but he had no other option after his landlord took him to court for back rent due since the start of the pandemic back in March.

“It’s my life. It hurts! You know, not to be able to come here and fix the shoes and like…I thought when I got this place I was OK but, then the pandemic hit……and now it’s a whole different ball game,” Lawrence said.

The owner is asking that anybody who has items at the shop to please come pick them up before October 14th, or else you will be unable to get them back.