BUTLER TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Harold Haulman, III, a suspect in the 2020 killing of Erica Shultz, 26, Bloomsburg has been charged with the death of another woman who went missing from Berwick in 2018.

Friday, investigators charged Haulman, III with the death of Tianna Ann Phillips. Phillips was reported missing to the Berwick Borough Police Department in August of 2018 by her family. Later, a Facebook page was created to help gather information about her disappearance.

According to court documents, police interviewed Haulman’s then-wife, Anne Frances Haulman. She told them Haulman, III confessed to killing Phillips in a wooded area off Hobbie Road in Butler Township, Luzerne County. She also told investigators that in September 2018, Haulman, III took her to the area to retrieve evidence. She said Haulman, III pulled off the road and went into the wooded area, coming back with a black garbage bag that appeared to have contents inside.

She told police, Haulman, III told her he had taken Phillips’ skull, clothing and other body parts from the scene. She says they then drove to the AMC theater in Scott Township, Columbia County where the bag was thrown in a dumpster behind the building.

In December 2020, after a suicide attempt by Haulman, III, investigators interviewed him in his hospital room where he confessed to killing Phillips’ with a hammer and a knife in the same area where Shultz’s body was located.

Police conducted several searches in the area but could not find the remains of Phillips’ body.

Based on the statements made by Haulman, III, investigators charged him with criminal homicide, kidnapping and abuse of corpse.