HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — One local school district is planning to hold its graduation ceremony a little differently this year.

Hanover Area School District isn’t letting coronavirus get in the way of graduation plans this year. The district’s superintendent, Nathan Barrett, still wants to recognize the students’ hard work and send them off with something to remember by holding a drive-in graduation.

“Where folks are able to stay in their cars confined to their own space, remain safe, so to speak and we thought it would be best to cast it on the screen. Have the students step out when it’s time to receive their diplomas,” Barrett said.

Barrett told Eyewitness News this would be a first time the school has hosted a graduation like this. The ceremony is to be held at Garden Drive-In in Hunlock Township on June 4th. He says when the school board was calling the theater to book the date, they seemed confused about the idea at first.

“The gentleman was saying ‘you do know that we are a drive-in theater, right?’ Because when you open the gate, you say to someone that we would like to hold graduation at your facility,” Barrett said.

Barrett tells Eyewitness News that after the ceremony was over, families will be welcomed to stay and watch a movie. And while the district plans to hand out the diplomas to each student, they may have to make a change if the stay-at-home order continues into June.

“We’ll have to gage as to what the safety is for us to be handing multiple items out and if not, then we will have to figure out how we get them the diploma,” Barrett said.

In addition, the Garden Drive-In will add extra decorations and facilities for the event based on the number of people going.

“We give four tickets out each graduation ceremony so that would probably be the amount of people in the vehicle,” Barrett said.

Barrett says the ceremony is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. but they may push back the time to allow for more darkness so the public can see the screen easier.