EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU-TV)Eyewitness News WBRE/WYOU-TV is marking the inauguration of Joe Biden’s election to the White House with a look at his connection to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Our program aired before Mr. Biden took the Oath of Office.

Weekend Anchor Mark Hiller spoke with his close friends who still reside in the Scranton area. They describe their friend, Joe, and are moved by his election to the Nation’s highest office. 

Reporter Cody Butler visited Joe Biden’s childhood home on Washington Avenue and spoke with Mayor Paige Cognetti, who once worked for the Obama Administration and then Vice President Biden. 

Reporter Julie Dunphy takes a look back at Scranton in the 1940’s and 1950’s when Joe Biden was a child. 

The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick brings us back to the campaign trail with some one-on-one interviews with then-candidate Joe Biden. Andy also talks with a Pennsylvania Senator and Congressman about their relationship with the new President.

Harrisburg Reporter Dennis Owens talks with Pennsylvania lawmakers about having a commonwealth connection in the White House. 

We then focus on a local woman, Anastasia Devlin who will be part of the inauguration. She talks with our Logan Westrope. Chief Meteorologist Josh Hodell looks at inauguration weather history. Anchor Nick Toma chats with local historian and author, Larry Cook, about his extensive presidential memorabilia collection. 

Photojournalist Joseph Butash stops by the baseball field to talk with Little Leaguers about a former Little Leaguer who is now the Commander in Chief. 

And we have a show-stopping ending as singer, songwriter Jim Cullen and his combo present the song “We Got Joe.”  Photojournalist Joseph Butash takes us to their performance of the show.