Foxes, bunnies, turtles among animals rescued from holes on undeveloped land in Mountain Top

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MOUNTAIN TOP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — A pair of fox kits close to death were rescued from a deep hole in Mountain Top. Eyewitness News spoke with the woman who saved them, and she says this isn’t the first time she’s had to do so.

It’s one of Ashley Faison’s favorite routes to walk with her dog. It’s known as the sanctuary. An incomplete housing complex in Mountain Top.

But there are several pitfalls on the route. Faison identified about 20 open tube-like holes in the ground left from the construction planned for this land. When she looked into one this weekend, she found fox kits at the very bottom.

“They were very lethargic, covered in mud, covered in their own feces. They were so scared but also wanted to get out of there so deseprately that they didn’t really fight me,” said Ashley faison, Larksville resident.

Faison tells me she started her career as a veterinary technician so she knows how to help animals and took it upon herself to rescue the fox kits. She tells Eyewitness News she’s been checking the holes for years and has rescued many other animals as well.

“There was a little frog in them, I found turtles, snakes in them, even a bunny… And a baby groundhog I found once. So since the first time I came here anytime I can I try to check,” said Faison.

The holes are deep into the ground and covered by grass. Faison believes the animals don’t know they’re there.

“So if they’re in the middle of a run, a hop, or a gallop or anything, they fall right in. And because it’s all smooth on the side, they have no chance of climbing back up.

Faison says she’s even found skeletons of animals that weren’t lucky enough to get rescued. She says whoever owns the land needs to do something about the holes.

“If they’re gonna use this housing development I would like them to put the caps on them and make use out of the material but at least for now cover them up, fill them up so that the animals stop falling in them.”

Eyewitness News checked to see who owned the property and if they planned to do anything about these holes. According to the deed of the property, the land belongs to a company called W-CAT INC. A sale of property on the land in 2019 states a woman named Jill Moran is the president of W-CAT INC. We attempted to contact her but found no working number for her or her business. Faison says she will continue to keep checking the holes until they are fixed.

Faison advises people to make sure they get their rabies shots before they rescue any animal.

As for the two fox kits, they are now at the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

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