Distinguishing between COVID-19 and allergies

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EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU-TV) – There have been several changes of the season amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. With that comes uncertainty for many of whether a runny nose means they should get tested or grab their allergy medication.

Talking with experts from several medical providers, they say it can be a difficult time of the year to distinguish symptoms.

COVID-19 and allergies both have varying degrees of effect on a person but there are a few solid differences to help determine your course of action; the biggest of which is going to be available on a thermometer.

Doctor Joseph Schellenberg, Associate Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at Lehigh Valley Health Network, says “You know the sniffles element in this, everybody knows sort of thing, identity can be with either, so that’s not really so if that’s the presenting symptom that can be a tough one.”

“Presence of a fever, a worsening of respiratory symptoms like a cough or a shortness of breath, and at any point that you’re still sitting there trying to struggle between is this COVID-19 or is this seasonal allergies, the best thing to do is contact your primary care physician and get a test,” said Alison Brodginski, director of infectious diseases at Geisinger Northeast.

That is one of the biggest takeaways from talks within the medical field.

Testing is much more available and has a quicker turnaround this time around as opposed to last year.

People may have developed or gotten ramped up allergies over the last year amid the pandemic, but any questions should be run by your primary healthcare provider.

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