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SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s lights, camera, fashion in Scranton!

But this is no ordinary show. It’s where fashion functions as a fundraiser. The owner of “Roberta’s Boutique” put on the event at the Four Points Sheraton with a goal that’s greater than her goods.

“There are some glamorous ladies out here. I realized that, you know as an adult, when I was a child, I was looking for things to do. As soon as I said ‘fashion show’ everyone gravitated because the- you know we have dreams, we have aspirations. And sometimes it takes just the littlest thing just to bring us all out,” she said.

In addition to bringing the community together– the organizer of the event, Roberta Walcott, is using it as a fun way to help others. Half of the proceeds will go towards the Northeast Autism Center, and the other half will go towards a fund to pay for children’s backpacks and other school supplies. The event also had performances and vendors selling jewelry, makeup and more. Karol Love, the host for the event, says the fashion show was spiced up by unique themes.

“The themes of today are – we have eighties group. It’s gonna be a bunch of dancers modeling a bunch of different eighties outfits. We also have the angels outfits, modeling angels costumes and gear. And we also have the carnival theme,” she said.

The clothes on the models are part of Roberta’s Boutique’s newest trend lines, and can be bought at the store. Walcott says the fashion show is also a confidence booster.

“I want these women to feel, and young people, to feel great about themselves. To know that, okay, I did something. I was a part of something really great. And by this I can go out farther in life and accomplish goals that maybe that I might not have thought I can accomplish,” she said.

The event hit home for Walcott because she recently adopted a child on the spectrum. Watching him grow and work through the challenges he faces inspired her to raise awareness about autism.

“He has a lot of medical issues but at the end of the day he’s resilient. And he keeps going. And with all of these things combined, I just wanted to have some sort of awareness. And that’s when everything started to come together,” she said.

Love says that getting kids the supplies they need for school is also vital for the community because not every family can afford the uniforms and sneakers required by schools.

“This community needs it because a lot of kids go back to school and have no supplies whatsoever. So it’s kind of hard for a lot of single mothers, or mothers that are in need, or even families itself. This time is a hard time right now. Everybody’s struggling to buy anything that you need to buy for school,” she said.

Although it wasn’t easy putting on the show.. Walcott remains determined to turn struggles into success.

“I love everyone dearly. Everyone has made such a sacrifice. It is hot. And they worked so very hard,” she said.

Walcott says she plans to have an other fundraiser on august 24th at Navy Aug Park.

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