Crews working non-stop to clean up wintery mess

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HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Many parts of our area have been in a “snow, rinse, repeat” cycle over the last couple of weeks, those working on cleanup efforts have been going almost nonstop.

It’s not an issue that’s exclusive to the Mountain City but here in Hazleton, it has been a frustrating and tiresome process.

When we get several large systems like in the recent weeks and smaller storms that continue between, the snow and even ice stack up quickly.

Even with things in place here like the snow ban in hazleton, it becomes extremely difficult to cover so much ground and get roads cleaned for everyone’s respective commutes.

As Hazleton’s public information officer and former eyewitness news assignment manager gary perna attests, every effort is being made.

“We have a lot of roads. We have to get through. And it makes it more difficult as we’ve got more and more snow on top of more our crews have been working together. The entire city government has been working nonstop, making sure we can get everything done that we need to accomplish.”

Hazleton is like many spots south of I-80 that have just seen wave after wave of wintery conditions come down, and we did see issues with COVID-19 cases hindering cleanup efforts earlier in the winter.

It’s a small but determined crew that we’re told is back at full force trying to clear out the many roads of the mountain city.

And again, we are not only seeing this issue of ‘keeping up’ with snow removal here.
There are crews across Northeast and Central Pennsylvania working diligently and as we know, winter is far from over.

Patience is going to be key until we get a good Spring or Summer warmup.

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