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WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) –  “When she talks she’s very friendly and warm,” says Diakon child-focused recruiter Marian Kolcun.  “She’s funny and whimsical sometimes too.”

Those are just some of the glowing qualities Kolcun uses to describe 17-year-old Erin.  This teen likes to stay busy.  She loves being outside taking walks in nature and swimming.  She also enjoys all things fashion and makeup.

The 10th-grader even spends half her school day taking cosmetology classes in a vo-tech program.  While that remains a passion, it’s not her main aspiration.

“She’s well-spoken and she’s also very goal-oriented,” says Kolcun.  “She knows what she wants for the future.  Granted she is studying cosmetology, but what she wants to study post-high school is forensics.  She said she’d love to be able to solve crimes.”

Erin is looking for that forever family to show her love, support, and guidance in all the life stages still ahead of her.  Finding that match can be such a frustrating process once a child enters their teens.  But Kolcun says there are so many heartwarming reasons to pick up the phone and learn more about Erin.

You will see a teen that still wants to be with their parents and hang out with their parents,” says Kolcun.  “[She] wants to do things and go places with the parents.  Or even in the home — watch a movie together or have popcorn.  They’ve missed out on that in their life.”  

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