(WBRE/WYOU-TV)   If you visit the Lands at Hillside Farms this weekend you will feel as if you’ve been transported back in time!

     Eyewitness News Reporter Anja Whitehead takes us to Jackson Township with more.

 At Hillside Farms it might be hard to tell if you’re still on the farm or if you’ve stepped back into the 1700s. On a hidden part of the property, they are doing a reenactment so visitors will see how things have changed.

  “We try to show them as best we can is how they lived back in the 1700s and I mean it’s incredible how they actually lived and how they got things done,” noted Guy Kroll, Director Of Events And Volunteers The Lands At Hillside Farms.

 Life in the 1700s was not easy. You had to bear the elements and be a good hunter to survive.

  “You got one shot and the one-shot counts so you have to make sure that anything you’re aiming at you have to hit it or you’ll go hungry,” said Tom Sawyer, Re-enactor.

   “Heat is terrible. There is no air conditioning, you know, “said Guy Knoll who is taking part in the event.  Adding, “And if there is no breeze the heat stays right in those tents.”

 Some of the reenactors will even make their own props for camp. Tom Sawyer from Indiana makes his own leather bags and guns

  “I build as much as I can. I make my own lanterns, I actually make my own bed, I tan the hides and buck skinning and I also do leatherwork,” explained Sawyer.

The re-enactors hope those who stop by will appreciate more of what they have today.

  “The newer generation realizes where our world came from, where are United States history is about who raised it, who fought and defended this country, why we’re even here and why we even have the freedom,” noted Sawyer.

If you’d like to see this part of history in our area you can stop by Hillside Farms tomorrow and Saturday from 10 to 5.

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