PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WHTM) — Crime is surging across Pennsylvania but the state house is focused on violence in Philadelphia and its district attorney.

A select committee on law and order opened two days of hearings in Philadelphia in what could turn into the impeachment of District Attorney Larry Krasner.

“When he died. I died. I know that,” a Philadelphia woman shared with the committee.

Philadelphia residents are tired of loving their loved ones to violent crimes.

“A trip to the mall, family anguish. For a pair of pants, surging violence. Rest in peace Dominic Dillon,” another Philadelphia woman said.

The committee’s goal is to “restore law and order” in the city of Philadelphia.

“Crime and lawlessness are holding out city back from achieving its full potential,” said Pennsylvania Rep. John Lawrence (R), who also acts as the committee’s chair.

A majority of the blame was pointed towards progressive and duly elected Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.

A third woman shared her frustration after a third-degree plea bargain. “You know what the ADA [Assistant District Attorney] told me? ‘Oh, Philadelphia doesn’t do first-degree murder.’ Since when? I’ve never heard of that.”

Krasner was not allowed to speak or answer questions at the committee hearing. However, Krasner said he watched the hearing, calling it a Republican stunt to impeach him and punish Pennsylvania’s largest Democratic city.

“This is about politics and moving as quickly as they can on the usual MAGA politics of fear and usual coded language to try to gin up resentment towards the most diverse city,” said Krasner.

Committee Chair Lawrence asserted that the hearing was not about slandering Krasner, but seeking solutions to the rampant violent crime that happened under his watch.

“If you are here today expecting, fearing, or hoping simple-minded mudslinging, you will be disappointed,” Lawrence said.

Unlike the committee hearing, if Krasner is impeached he would get a chance to address the committee.