There’s a lot of focus on Colorado‘s upcoming football season as it will be Deion Sanders’s first year coaching the program.

With the added pressure on the team, the Buffaloes will need some extra hyping up in the locker room. Luckily for them, Sanders seems to be pretty good at doing just that.

Colorado posted a video of Sanders’s recent locker room message, and the coach’s words have a way of making anyone feel like they could run through a wall.

“We didn’t just bring you in here to just compete, we brought you in here to dominate, am I right or wrong?” Sanders said. “Is there anything about me, any sense of light that I give you that I’m not here to dominate? We’re not just here to win, we’re here to dominate. 

“I don’t like the question, ‘What do you think the record’s going to be?’ Well, shoot, I really want to say ‘We’re going to win it all,’ because that’s the way I think. But, that gets controversial, then I put y’all on the hook, and I don’t know if y’all built for that right now.”

Sanders ended his message by asking, “Who is built like that?” In unison, the team replied, “I am.”

The Buffaloes will kick off their 2023 season on Saturday, Sept. 2 against the national runner-up, TCU.