Former Cowboys quarterback-turned-NFL broadcaster Tony Romo is well known for spending a lot of his time on the golf course, often playing with other big-name celebrities and some of golf’s best players. After carding a 67 in Sunday’s final round of the Memorial Tournament, world No. 1 Scottie Scheffler shared some intel about his recent round with Romo—and offered some details about the former football player’s gambling habits on the course.

Scheffler was asked about a recent round he played with Romo, and how the results usually shake out when the two square off. He also noted the extra steps he takes to curb some of Romo’s gambling impulses during rounds.

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“I will say, last time I played golf with Tony he did beat me, so shout out to Tony for that,” Scheffler said. “He didn’t beat me in stroke play, but he did take some money off me. But I was able to give him one of his checks back that he had given me before, so he was pretty frustrated with that.”

Scheffler said that he spots Romo six strokes during their matches, though he has to “control the presses” to prevent Romo from upping the stakes too quickly. In golf speak, a “press” is basically a double-down on an ongoing bet that a player is already losing. While Scheffler declined to provide specifics, it’s safe to say that Romo is taking some big swings out there to try and take some money off of golf’s biggest stars.