PITTSFORD, NY (WROC) — He’s the man responsible for making the greens look so good at Oak Hill Country Club. Superintendent Jeff Corcoran is featured in this weeks’ Extraordinary people report and he’s getting ready for the prestigious Kitchenaid Senior PGA Championship.

Jeff Corcoran says, “We have about 55 employees here that have been working since last fall to get ready. It’s really about upholding Oak Hill’s legacy to hosting major championships. I think people don’t understand with regards to golf course maintenance. The number of hours, time, family sacrifice that goes into it.”

Jeff Corcoran has been at Oak Hill for 15 years now. He loves his job but admits Mother Nature makes him a bit uneasy. “The things you can’t control, weather, you know like rainfall, cold temperatures. We can’t focus and worry about that but that’s the only kind of things that keep me awake at night. “

He takes pride in his work and Oak Hill Country Club.

” I started working on the golf course when I was 15 so I think it was kind of cast in stone that this is what I was going to do. I actually did my internship here in 1994 from Penn State University. I always tell people I bleed green and gold which are our colors here at Oak Hill and this is home. There’s a lot of family here.”

Crews start to arrive at 3:30 in the morning and work late into the evening hours. Corcoran says it’s a labor of love. “We’ve put a lot of work and a lot of effort into this and really looking forward to the 19th through the 26th.”

That’s when Oak Hill Country Club and all of Jeff Corcoran’s hard work will be in the national spotlight.