SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Finding a place to park where it’s free or at minimum cost might be difficult at the Little League World Series as thousands from around the world come to South Williamsport.  We have you covered though!
A local business for more than a decade gives up their parking lot for a local non-profit.
Eyewitness News Reporter Cody Butler has your World Series news –

By 9 or- 10 o’clock everyday the parking lot at Beiter’s Home Center along Route 15 is packed with vehicles.

Rightfully so being right across from the Little League World Series complex.
“It’s amazing, you know, cars are pulling in and they will say where is the stadium and we’ll go ‘it’s right there!’ and they go ‘really!?’ and just to see the look on their faces and the kids are so excited.” added Janice Hiller, the Advertising Manager at Beiter’s Inc.


Considering there is 200 parking spots available during the day and an extra 50 at night while the store is closed.

The catch is – the parking fee of five-dollars goes straight to a local non-profit.

“Kind of hit my heart that they picked us, for one! But also that we have the opportunity to make so much money for our organization.” Said Melissa Magargle, the executive director of Family Promises of Lycoming County.

Family Promise of Lycoming County’ could expect to raise anywhere from 14-to-18-thousand dollars during the 11 day games.

The non-profit helps homeless families with shelter, hygiene, food, individual case management and more.

“We try and make sure we can move them into self sufficiency and self sustainability.” Said Magargle.

Beiter’s has been lending their parking lot as a helping hand since 2003.

In all – nearly two hundred thousand dollars has been raised.

 A big convenience for many fans, a big help for the local community  and word of the project keeps spreading 
 “Unfortunately we have to turn away a lot of customers because we just fill up!” Said Rich Green, a volunteer.

Every two years Beiter’s donate their parking lot proceeds to a different non-profit.

Family Promise has it this year and next year – for those looking for a charitable cause  and close parking spot – this is your spot.

 This coming Sunday will close out the 71st Little League World Series as the championship game will be held.