EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Many legendary ballplayers have visited the Little League World Series, but did you know that Williamsport was once home to a millionaire bootlegger?

Visitors can sample some of the area’s breweries and wineries as part of the Prince Farrington tour.

Lycoming County is home to the Little League World Series, but there’s a lot more to do outside of baseball.

Prince Farrington’s Bootlegger Tour is a way for visitors to enjoy local breweries, distilleries and wineries.

“We’ve seen people from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Ohio. So, a lot of people have done the tour already and we always like to ask them you know if they have a favorite.” says Gina Edwards, tourism coordinator of the Lycoming County Visitors Bureau.

There are ten stops along the tour and you have one year from the date you purchase the passport to complete it. It was named after the famous bootlegger, known for his moonshine, Prince Farrington.

“Prince Farrington was our most well-known bootlegger so we do encourage everyone to make some stops at the historical societies and learn a little bit more about our history and about Prince Farrington,” explained Edwards.

Bullfrog Brewery, the oldest brewery in Williamsport is one of the locations. Owner Steve Koch says the tour is a fun, interactive way of exploring small businesses.

“We do get several people in a week for it and you know it’s great for promoting the area’s places to get fresh beverages,” said Koch.

After you’ve hit all 10 locations, you’re given a souvenir as a prize.

“Here’s the shirt! And so you can show you’ve earned it. You can’t buy the shirt, you have to earn it,” said Edwards.