(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Another great place to have a little family fun is the “Kaos Fun Zone” located inside the Liberty Arena.

  Whether you’re a gamer, bowler or athlete…

 It’s all fun and games at “Kaos Fun Zone” at Liberty Arena.

“Everyone enjoys to have fun at some point. And fun means something different to everyone,” explains Jerry Clark, Asset Manager.

The new, 100-thousand square foot facility in downtown Williamsport offers a wide range of activities — for all ages.

“Aesthetically, it’s pretty impressive. As far as all the TVs, and all the lights; we want to make this a very fun place. And when people come in, we want to make sure that people enjoy themselves. So we want that atmosphere to diagnose that,” said Jerry Clark.

Kids and adults say nothing was “spared” the strobe lights.. Neon décor and massive screens are right up their “alley.”

Right next door a 50-game arcade.  

Just swipe your gaming card.

And try your arm at skeet ball or practice shooting hoops.

That’s where we found Montoursville Senior Cameron Wood who loves coming to “Kaos” with his buddies.

“It’s a really fun environment. You’re gonna come here, you’re going to have fun no matter what you do. So if you like bowling, jumping on the trampoline, dodgeball, there’s a lot of different things you go to do,” said Cameron.

The trampoline park Cameron is referring to is another stop at “Kaos” that you have to “jump” over to.

From organized games to acrobatic attempts — people seem to “flip” over “fly world.”  

If you prefer both feet on the ground.. Walk upstairs to the second floor of the liberty arena.

 Even gear up for your laser tag mission, in the laser tag facility.”

The state of the art arena is the area’s only laser tag venue.

Just grab a tazer — and go  

At Kaos — there’s no single “target” audience.

Turf fields allow teams to practice and play and serve as party playground.

After burning off all that energy, Scorz Bar and Grill provides great food and beverages on-site.

“It’s really a place for everyone. No matter how old you are, you want to let your guard down, you want to have some fun. That’s what we want to do,” said Jerry Clark.

Asset Manager Jerry Clark believes Kaos is successful because of the wide range of activities — all under one roof.

And it’s bringing people from all over Pennsylvania to the city.

“It’s not just the Williamsport folks who are using this facility. We’re getting a big draw from outside the area, too,” said Jerry Clark.

Kaos Fun Zone is evolving into a family entertainment center and continues to expand — adding more “Kaos” to the fun zone.

“It’s just awesome. There’s a lot of different things to do. Whether it’s bowling or arcade here, It’s just a really fun place to be,” noted Cameron Wood.

Learn more about Kaos Fun Zone LINK