SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Plenty of kids took full advantage of sliding down the famous big hill at the Little League Complex during the last day of the series.

Dozens of kids could be seen gliding down the hill with cardboard, a tradition that’s been going on for decades. The weather was warm and dry, perfect conditions for getting some good speed on their way down.

Little league fans tells Eyewitness News they love having fun on the hill with so many kids from different places.

“When you slide down you go fast and it’s just fun,” said Sweet Valley resident, Macz McBride.

“It’s a little nervous at first because you might run into a little kid but it’s really fun,” said Philip Bonasso, who visited from West Virginia.

Some kids got pretty creative with ways on sliding down, like using the cardboard like a surfboard. The little fans say they can’t wait to come back again next year.