(WBRE/WYOU-TV)   There’s a new Little League World Series Champion.

          Louisiana defeated a team from Curacao 8 to 0 Sunday to win the Little League World Series Title.

           Eyewitness News Reporter Joe Garrison has more on the big win.

The best little league team from the United States is now the best team in the world. The Louisiana State champs lost their first game in the opening round of the Little League World Series. They battled back to win the tournament.

  “This team exemplifies the resiliency we have from the area we come from. So as far as confidence goes for the team, they were already confident. These kids believed all along that we were going to fight our way through,” Scott Frazier, Louisiana Manager

 Pitcher Egan Prather shut out Curacao in the final game. His dad and other parents watched their team win eight to nothing.

   “There is no way to know he was going to throw a shutout. We did not know that until the last pitch. The whole time you are nervous, your heart is racing, you are a nervous wreck, “noted Eric Prather, Egan’s Dad

  Egan Prather, Louisiana Pitcher noted “Whatever my coach called I had confidence in throwing. I just wanted to get them out so I did not have to get taken out.”

The team from River Ridge Louisiana was led by Reece Roussel, who finished with record 17 hits in the series.

  “Yes the ball looked like a beach ball whenever it was coming in. I had so much confidence going up to the plate,” added Reece Roussel, Louisiana Outfielder

 Proud parents say it’s been a long summer, filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

  “Absolutely, they have made so many memories that will last forever. Their bond together throughout this process has been phenomenal. I am super proud of them,” said Toni Curtis, Louisiana Parent.

  Frank Andrade, Louisiana Parent adding “They will never forget this, I will never forget this, I don’t think they realize it yet. Definitely, as they get older, they will realize what an accomplishment this has been.”

“It’s crazy I never thought we would do this. I’ve been watching it since I was six and seven years old. Every time it would come on, my family would watch it. It’s just unbelievable,” Derek Delatte, Louisiana Shortstop

 After the big win many of the parents were telling their players it is now time to go back to school, but they certainly have enjoyed their time here at the Little League World Series.