EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — First responders and youth baseball players in the Poconos hit the ball field all to raise money.

The crack of a bat is a popular sound at Creekview Park this time of year.

In Saturday’s Grand Slam Game – batters walking up to the home plate were a mix of baseball players, law enforcement, and first responders – all to raise money for Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg Little League.

“All of the volunteers, the moms and dads, the coaches you know down to the team moms, they work so hard every year for these little league organizations, they make these kid’s dreams come true, we wanted to help them fix up their fields, fix up their concession stands, get a fresh coat of paint,” stated Christa Caceres, president of Monroe County NAACP Chapter.

Monroe County NAACP president Christa Caceres planned the inaugural baseball classic – cheering on her son pitching for one of the teams.

“It just feels good. It feels good because when you see the children with smiles on their faces and they’re playing the game that they get up every day wanting to play, it’s a great day,” explained Caceres.

The game was free of charge for players and hometown heroes who were involved.

“Brings the police and the community together. These young kids were more than anxious to play today. They’ve been talking about it for a couple of weeks ever since I asked,” stated Cameron Huffman, president of East Stroudsburg Little League.

Whether stealing a base or striking out a batter the friendly competition joining the two leagues for the love of the sport and community support.

“You’re going to make new friends today from the other side of town, it’s just going to be a good thing for the adults and the kids. The kids are enjoying themselves and the first responders, you know big shout out to them for coming out here,” explained Jerry Robertson, president of Stroudsburg Little League.

A home run derby was also held after the grand slam game.

The Monroe County NAACP Chapter president says they plan to make this an annual event.