There will be great golf and great cooking when the Kitchen Aid Senior PGA Championship arrives at Oak Hill Country Club in May of 2019.

Deb O’Connor of Kitchen Aid discussed some of what fans can expect off the course when the attend the tournament Friday during News 8 at Noon.

“Great golf and great cooking!” said O’Connor of the Kitchen Aid Senior PGA Championship. “We will have a lot of different areas where you can interact with our product. The biggest, best part will be this big, giant tent that we’ll have a demonstration kitchen in it. We will have celebrity chefs in. We’ll have another chef that will be there all week long so you can stop in, ask your culinary questions, talk about your favorite recipe, use some of the product if you want. We’ll have an area with all of our small appliances like this coffee maker, and you’ll be able to see how they work, if you want to use them yourself. Maybe you said, huh, I don’t know how to use a food processor, what I would ever use one for. Come on in and check it out and we’ll help you figure out what you might do with it.”

Since the Kitchen Aid products themselves won’t be sold at the course, it’s a pressure free way to test them out.

The partnership between Kitchen Aid and the PGA of America has been a win-win. “The PGA of America, first of all, is just fantastic to work with and there are about the 27,000 members that they have around the country, and so we get to interact with all of those folks year round, so that’s been a really nice opportunity,” O’Connor explained. “And then it gives us a nice opportunity to bring our customers in to the event and they get to experience golf like they’ve never seen it – so, major championship golf – and we get to hang out with them and create relationships.”

The Kitchen Aid Senior PGA Championship will be held May 21-26, 2019 at Oak Hill Country Club in Pittsford. Advance ticket specials are in place until August 20 and can be purchased online. For tickets and more information, visit

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