(WBRE/WYOU-TV) I As the defending District two Double-a Champion — the Lake-Lehman girls Soccer Team is gearing up for another run at a memorable postseason.
    In today’s Girl Power — we’ll meet one player on this Black Knights Squad — that has to battle more than just her opponents on the field.  Robin Deehan has the story!
On the soccer pitch, Emma Stroud looks like any battle-tested soccer goalie…
But if you take a closer look — you can see just how personal the battle is… 
“I was born with moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears so before I was a year old I had hearing aids,” said Emma Stroud, Lake Lehman Sophomore.
In a position where awareness and communication is a necessity — the Lake-Lehman Sophomore doesn’t let her hearing disability get in the way of being an integral part of the team. 
“They know if  I’m struggling they give me like a bump or tell me what the coach said, we all work together,” noted Emma.
“Being the goalie she sees the whole entire field so she sees everything that’s going on and she’s able to tell everybody what to do and everybody kind of listens,” said Kelly Adamshick, Lake Lehman Head Coach.
Emma’s ability to not let her disability hold her back is only one of the ways she stands out as a leader on the team…
“She really puts herself out there and looks for the experience and works on and off the field in school and out of school and she puts everything together and brings it all.” noted Coach Adamshick.
“As long as you don’t let it hold you back you can overcome it, you can play with it, and that goes with any type of disability or any type of setback,” added  Emma
As the Black Knights get set to make a postseason run — Emma says Girl Power is all about strength in all facets of the game. 
“Girl Power to me is someone who is powerful on and off the field, who is a good leader, supporter, a good teammate and a good player.” noted Emma.